Модель Swan 60

Samuli Salantera, FIN, President of the Finnish Sailing and Boating Federation and Commodore of the Turku Yacht Club

Samuli Salantera

"The Swan 60 is very handy to sail and I really like the style of racing. It is not easy but I have a good crew, 7 people are from my yacht club and 6 are from the Nautor's Swan yard. It is the first time we have all sailed together but I am finding the Swan 60 nice to sail. I have enjoyed racing with my son and learning about handling the larger Swan racing yachts. I have experience of helming a Swan 100, 68 and 51 but never the Swan 60 before. It has definitely started my interest in the Swan racing circuit."

Thomas Hacklin, FIN, Tactician, SGM

Thomas Hacklin

"It is my first time trying big boat racing and the Gazprom Swan 60 circuit is exciting stuff. I am desperate to try this model in the bigger breeze".

Sergey Borodinov, RUS, Coach, Gazprom Youth Sailing Challenge

Sergey Borodinov

"I am very grateful to sail on the Swan 60, the most important point is that it is one design so we have excellent racing".

Luis Doreste, ESP, Tactician, Petite Flamme

Luis Doreste

"A friend recommended that I come and race at the Gazprom Swan 60 World Championship, this is my first time sailing Swan 60s and also with our skipper Riccardo Pavoncelli. A few of us on the crew have raced together before which is a help on the race course.

The Swan 60 is a very good boat and I have had a super experience so far. We are fighting to finish overall in the top 3 at the end of this event. Bronenosec has excellent speed they have put in a lot of time training and are reaping the rewards this week. We have to fight for our top results, we had a fantastic long distance race finishing 2nd which we were delighted with as we took places towards the end of the race."

Marc Lagesse, RSA, Bronenosec

Marc Lagesse

"The Swan 60 sails very well, close racing at great venues, if I could afford one I would buy one".

Mr.Fan, CHN, Helm, Windward


"I had a fantastic time at our first Gazprom Swan 60 World Championship; it was great to race alongside six other one design Swan 60s in some very close racing. In Palma the weather, the range of teams and the organisation were all great and I really enjoyed it. We had a second overall in the Nord Stream Race at the start of the season and now a third at our World Championship so I am very confident in our ability. My team work incredibly hard to help deliver exceptional results. Swan 60 Windward couldn't have performed better! It is a great boat to race and really satisfies my zest for quality sailing attributes, the Swan 60 performed impeccably for my first season"

Stephen Cucchiaro, USA, Helm, Petite Flamme


"The Swan 60 is a fantastic boat to race and performs extremely well across a range of conditions both upwind and downwind. The crew and I are really enjoying our time sailing in the Gazprom Swan 60 Class tremendously."

Tim Kröger, GER, Skipper, Spirit of Europe

Tim Kroger

"I have been sailing on board the Spirit of Europe since she hit the water in Jakobsstad at Nautor prior to the first Nord Stream Race in 2012 and I have developed a close bond with my boat since then. Having raced on all kinds of yachts and on nearly all levels in our sport the Swan 60s are still very special to me, passing on this kind of generous, safe and sovereign feeling of a boat ready to take you anywhere."

Peter Lerbrandt, DEN, Helm, Vertical Smile


"The Gazprom Swan 60 Class is a ball, racing boats that are similar in speed means the boats are equal, a real one design Gazprom Swan 60 Class. We have a good time and love the Swan 60s."

Hans Tonder Jansen, DEN, Tactician, Tsaar Peter


"The Swan 60 is very nice to sail, it is a lot bigger with more people involved than we are used to, you have to work hard to keep at maximum speed as the Gazprom Swan 60 Class is very competitive. Racing on the circuit is a lot of fun and this is a great competition, we now need more time to train as some small things need to be optimized."