Navigator’s challenge for Gazprom Swan 60 World Championship

For the fourth day of racing at the Gazprom Swan 60 World Championship 2013 the main focus for all crews and the Royal Yacht Squadron Race Committee was the pursuit of wind. The scheduled coastal racing supplied a different aspect to course action, including a combined start for the Swan 60s and Swan 45s starting off the Squadron.

Swan 60 Tsaar Peter (BVI) was first to reach West Ryde Middle in the waters off Osborne House built for the British Royals in 1845. Hugging the left side of the first beat paid off for the 2nd placed crew who were overtaken downwind by Sir Peter Ogden’s Knights of Crevichon (GBR). After starting on the course side Petite Flame (RUS) put in some serious effort on leg one and were back in contention quickly for the 21 mile race. After an initial mid fleet placing Bronenosec (RUS) kept their eyes out of the boat and eventually stole first place from Knights of Crevichon (GBR).

A fickle wind forced pressure upon the navigators with crew looking to them for overall strategic support. Looking up the course at the bigger picture was essential to a successful race result decision. Renowned navigators are planted across the classes including; Francesco Mongelli (ITA) with the Swan 60 Bronenosec, Mike Broughton (GBR) racing on Swan 60 Knights of Crevichon and Graham Sunderland (GBR) a key member of the Tsaar Peter Swan 60 crew.

Swan 60 Bronenosec’s navigator, Francesco Mongelli was victor of the Gazprom Swan 60 World Championship fleet today, “It was difficult today, the wind was moderating and the tide changing, we managed to pull out a lead on the last mark. Adrian Stead’s understanding of the Solent was essential to our success, we kept changing our overall race plan and it helped us.”